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    Introduction of Graduate Education in CUMTB

    China University of Mining & Technology-Beijing (CUMT-Beijing) is a comprehensive research university developed from Beijing Institute of Mining and Technology as its predecessor. Giving priority to engineering among other disciplines of science, liberal arts, management, laws and economy, CUMT-Beijing is a university with mining features. It has been listed into the national “211 Project” and the “985 Project Innovation Platform of Preponderant Disciplines”. It is also one of the first universities with doctor and master degree conferring authority.

    In the early 1950s, the university marked its beginning of graduate education and 137 graduate students have graduated from the university before Cultural Revolution. In 1978 approved by the State Council, the university restored its graduate student enrollment in Beijing. Approved by China Ministry of Education, the university established pilot Graduate School on June of 2000 and the formal Graduate School was established on May of 2003 for the outstanding achievements.

    CUMT-Beijing now has 6 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering and of Sciences and 4 part-time academicians. Among the full-time teachers, there are 167 doctoral supervisors and 249 master’s supervisors. There are 4 Ministry of Education’s “Plans for Innovative Research Teams” , 1 “National Natural Science Foundation Innovative Research Group” and 7 special appointed professors by the name of “Cheung Kong Scholar Program” in this university. The university boasts 7 winners of the National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, 12 teachers selected as “New Century Millions of National-level Outstanding Talents”, 44 teachers included in the Ministry of Education’s Excellent Talents Support Program for the new century, 1 winner of the first China Youth Scientist Award, 3 teachers entitled as National Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Expert, 2 awarded as National-level Excellent Teacher, 4 winners of National Labor Medal, 4 winners of Sun Yueqi Energy Award, 5 winners of China Youth Science and Technology Award and 3 selected as “National Outstanding Postdoctor”.

    Over the years, with gradual deepening of teaching reform in the university, the quality of graduate education has been improved continuously. It has built 2 State Key Laboratories and one National Engineering Research Center, together with 2 engineering research centers listed by China Ministry of Education, one key laboratory listed by Beijing Municipal Government. There are more than 600 researching projects at present, among of which more than 40 are listed on the national major projects including National Key Scientific and Technological Support Project, “863” Project and “973” Project etc.. Its library has a holding of 870,000 volumes and 600,000 E-books.

    It has 16 first-grade disciplines conferring Doctor Degrees, 35 first-grade disciplines conferring Master Degrees; one first-grade national key discipline, 8 national key disciplines, one national key cultivated discipline and 21 provincial key disciplines. In 2012 Ministry of Education’s third round discipline assessment, the discipline of Mineral Engineering as well as Safety Science and Engineering ranked on the top, Science and Technology of Surveying and Mapping as well as Geological Resource and Engineering ranked on the third and the fourth separately. In addition, the university is authorized to enroll MBA, EMBA, MPA and Engineering Master. Up to September of 2015, CUMT-Beijing has conferred 2721 doctoral degrees, 14722 master degrees and 17443 in total. Eight doctoral dissertations are selected on the list of “National Hundred Excellent Doctoral Dissertation”. CUMT-Beijing now has a total of 7096 graduates, among of which 1299 are doctoral students and 5867 are master students.

    CUMT-Beijing emphasizes on international academic exchanges and scientific cooperation. The university has established inter-university cooperation with 33 such famous universities as University of Nottingham, University of Leeds, Pennsylvania State University and Russia University of Mining and Technology in Moscow to send students to proceed master and doctoral degrees. The university has established educational ties with dozens of foreign universities and academic organizations. It has joined in the “High-level University Government Sponsored Oversea Graduate Education Plan” and has sent 87 students abroad to proceed doctoral degree and 150 joint-supervision doctoral students.

    The graduate education of CUMT-Beijing will stick to the educational philosophy of “focusing on proficiency, capacity and characteristics”, follow the overall development principle of “enhanced features, improved quality, enriched concept and outward development”, concentrate on the three key points of “overall planning, team building, and scientific management”, make great efforts to promote educational, technological and management innovation in order to enhance the core competitiveness of graduate education of CUMT-Beijing, and strive to build it into an open, multi-disciplinary and research-oriented high-level university with mining and security features that is influential both at home and abroad.